Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thomas's World

Why does Dada work? "Dada go work. Buy more O's." (Yep, gotta earn that buck ninety-nine.)
Why is he wrapping his play colander in a beach towel? "Thomas make col-der feel better."
What are you making in the play kitchen? "Thomas cook pasta. Thomas make milk." He also talks about making juice, popcorn, chicken, & cupcakes. Oh, and tea. Lots of tea. With milk.
"I luv you, Mama." "I love you, too, Thomas." "I luv you, one, Mama."
"One, two, free, five, nine, ten, eleven. ELEVEN!!!"
"Here you go, Thomas." "Fank you, welcome."
"No ride Mama's car! Ride Dada's BW (BMW) car! PCW car." (Kid's got taste.)
"R, S, T, W, car, Y" (more BMW's)
Playing with Ruthann: "Peep-by-you, Roo-fan!"
When he's feeling lazy and wants carried: "Thomas no want walk on floor!"
"Mama, music a bit loud."


willowlaughter said...

I think my favorite from a couple of weeks ago on the phone with you and he was "Thomas make water!"

:-) Kids are AWESOME.

Oh, by the by, I also used to say "thank you welcome" when I was a little tot. Imagine it in a tiny girly voice too :-P Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Lidarose said...

Thomas is adorable! But you already knew that...

Keep making these lists (on blog or otherwise...) -- so much of what they say gets forgotten through the years!

One of my kids (I think it must have been Frances) thought that Daddy rode around on a bus all day, since we often took him to the bus stop in the morning to catch the bus for downtown. I discovered this when she began waving to buses that we passed (driving around on errands during the day), and when I asked her why, she explained that she was waving to Daddy. So I made up this long story of where Daddy actually goes during the day, and eventually we went downtown ourselves to see where he spent the days when he was in the office.