Monday, February 2, 2009


That's our boy, holding a football and pointing to the Superbowl game. OK, so it took several tries to get this picture. Thomas wasn't actually interested in the game, though he did like when there was music. He mostly enjoyed tromping around the den ("The Forbidden Room") and eating. We ended up having a rather snobbish looking set of snacks. Escagots in brioche and French brie on baguette. But I did make Buffalo drumsticks with homemade blue cheese dressing, which is a little more traditional. We also had plenty of cold beer. I was a little surprised that none of Curtis's man-friends had a Superbowl party, but all we need for a party is some good food.

P.S. My favorite ad was the Hulu evil-alien-plot ad, but there were a decent number of laugh-out-loud funny ads.