Friday, December 25, 2009

Apron models

Santa baby

Rock you like a hurricane

Thomas discovered that he could play Rock Band which my cousins got for Christmas. I don't know if I should have been happy or disturbed when he beat my father's score. In Dad's defense he was playing the guitar while Thomas was on the drums and it did happen to be a song where the red and yellow colors were dominant and those are the ones that he likes to beat, but still.

Two chickens and one honorary chicken

My mother has three chickens in her backyard. The dog, who is now 13, has always suffered from a bit of an identity crisis. When he was young he thought he was a cat as we had a cat. With the cat having been gone for years now he is now convinced he is a chicken. In the morning you will see three chickens and a dog eating raw rice and chicken scratch out on the porch.

Dog pajamas

My mother tried to make certain that the family is outfitted in matching Christmas dog pajamas for Christmas. I think she succeeded.

Jelly Beans

So my parents love to go up to Shaver Lake in their motor home. (Or as Thomas likes to call it the "mo home") At their campground they have bear themed everything. There are wooden bears that are cut into just about everything. With that in mind, what did I think that my father needed for Christmas?

A bear themed Jelly Bean dispenser! How does it work you ask. Well you push on the head and out come Jelly Beans that are stored inside. It also answers the question that has always been posed. What do bears do in the woods? My sister thought it was great. She'll be getting one next year.

Fun with aprons

So Thomas got an apron, measuring cups, and a cookbook for Christmas all of which he loves.

Ruthann got an apron as well, as seen below. My sister got an apron also and figured that pictures needed to be taken of both her and Thomas in their new aprons.

Do you think Jenny was surprised?

Jenny and I usually don't get each other presents. I decided to give her one this year as a surprise. I think I succeeded.

Thomas's new apron

Ruthann's new apron

Thomas unwraps presents

Christmas with the Aunt Geek and Ruthann

Tuesday, December 1, 2009